Went away

The doctor glared at her and was amused. She asked him what is written in the result? "Ms Mo, you can check it out" the doctor replied politely.

  Theresa fearfully tore it open and glanced at it. Her hand shivered. That was when Theresa knew she'd been sweating. Her blouse was soaking in sweat as she held the result in her hand.

  Her tears ran down her cheeks. This is what she has been afraid of. The reality stares at her in the face.

   " You are six weeks pregnant ma'am" the doctor stated. He stared at her and knew she wasn't ready for the pregnancy.

  Rather than Theresa answering or saying something, she closed her eyes momentarily and her tears ran down her beautiful face. 

  The doctor looked at her and from the study of psychology, he knew she was bitter and the thought of being pregnant had only added to their present predicament.

  "Do you want an abortion? But the man who got you pregnant needs to sign"the doctor advised. She still has the option of aborting the babies.

  "I don't know the man,"Theresa blotted out. She immediately regretted it. She shouldn't have let him know what happened to her.

  The doctor squinted. This is not part of his job but he seemed concerned  about her. Why was he going to the extreme for her?

  "The more reason why you should abort the pregnancy"the doctor advised more. He felt pity for the lady. No wonder her hand shivered when she was about to open the envelope that contained the result.

  Theresa Mo thanked him and said she would sleep over it and then whatever she thinks would be good for her she would do.  

  "Feel free to reach out to me"the doctor said and offered her his complimentary card. Reluctantly Theresa Mo accepted the card and went away. 

  She hailed a taxi quickly and went away. She doesn't want anyone to see her in the hospital premises. 

  What is she going to do now? She doesn't know the man who got her pregnant nor is she financially buoyant enough to take care of herself and her unborn baby.

  That evening, the doctor called Theresa Mo again and told her he would like to see her that evening at the 'City Restaurant'. He pleaded and Theresa agreed to meet him by 8:00pm.

  Two days later, Rosa returned from the grocery store and he went to call Theresa out of her room.

  She had persuaded her to come along with her to the grocery store but she refused. She quite understands that she doesn't want any member of Mo's family to also see Lu's.

   She would be resuming work the next morning, hence they needed to talk about how her first day at work was going to look like.

   She had only worked in Mo's business. She hadn't really worked elsewhere and she needed someone to tell her how it was to be an employee.

   Rosa dialled Theresa Mo's mobile number and it was switched off. She waited for a while before she decided to check her in the guest room.

  But Rosa got in and didn't meet Theresa.she felt something wasn't right. Why does she feel the room is deserted?

 Theresa went out? Why didn't she come along with her? Well, she would wait till she returns.

   A message beeped into her phone and Rosa checked it when she saw it was from Theresa.

  She was dazed when she read the content of the message. She sank into the bed and started sobbing.

  Why didn't she confide in her before taking the steps she took? Was she complaining about accommodating her?

  Her Mum and brother had no problem with Theresa living with them. Why then did she do what she did? Rosa was sobbing.

  She didn't know how long she stayed in the guest room but went out when she heard her mother arrive. 

  When Rosa's mother saw her daughter, she was surprised. Rosa has been crying for a while now. What happened to her?

  She went to her daughter and placed her hands on her shoulder and forced her to look at her in the face.

  "What's making you sob Rosa? You can tell your mother and I promise to help you in any little way I can" her mother coaxed her.

  She didn't say anything but handed her phone to her mother to look at the content of the message Rosaline sent 

  Rosa's mother collected the phone and read the contents of the message. Her eyes became dark and she glanced at her daughter.

  What kind of a message was this?

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