Four years Later

    What does Theresa Mo mean by her actions and the message she sent. Why would she think so unhealthy about them?

  Rosa's mother became sobered. Has she done something that makes Theresa feel uncomfortable? Or had she said anything that made her feel unwelcome?

  For the rest of that day, Rosa, her mother and brother were unhappy. They never expected that things would end this way or that Theresa would one day leave them without a genuine reason for doing that.


               Four years later

  Theresa Mo walked out of the airport in a blue suit and pants. She wore dark glasses and her hair flew as the breeze blew. 

  She held her kids, each on each hand and looked around her. The city is still as busy and bustling like it was four years ago that she left. 

   The people were the same and the climatic condition has never changed as well. But there's only one thing that has changed her personality.

  She's taken life and accepted what it has given her. She has learnt to be strong and determined. She's become strong and wiser than she was four years ago.

  Her boys were looking so adorable. She wondered who their father was. The man must have been some handsome dude who is capable of making heads turn in his direction.

  Other passengers kept staring at the two boys and many touched their chin. Some blew them kisses and others just waved at them with smiles.

  Theresa Mo likes styling their hair to the two cut types and it makes them look charming and domineering. They have thin lips and a full shaped round forehead.

  They have a V-shaped jaw line with a medium and pointed nose. Their eyes are big and they have fair skin.

  Theresa Mo often wonders how handsome her boys are. She would look out to see if perhaps she found someone who has a similar feature like her boys. Such a person might be their father or relative.

  "Mum, this is our city?" Tim Mo asked. He is the eldest of the twins and sometimes behaves as the eldest to his identical twin brother Lee Mo.

  "Yes sweetheart. We'll be home soon"Theresa Mo assured as she hailed a taxi and got their luggage inside. 

  She gave the taxi driver the address to Rosa's mother's place. She had left without giving a genuine reason, she would have to go there first before getting her own accommodations.

  Rosa soon heard a car horn stop in front of her home. She peeped out to see who the person was and only saw a handsome boy step out of the car.

  She can't help but admire how handsome the little fellow is. Next, another boy came looking exactly like the first one she saw. She squinted and became serious staring outside the window.

  Her mother noticed her seriousness and asked that she should stop poking her nose where it doesn't belong. She can go out and see who is arriving.

  They lived with neighbors, it could be one of them that has a guest. But suddenly, Rosa jumped and screamed "Theresa Mo!!"

   Rosa's mother and brother rushed forward and peeped out too. They saw Theresa Mo and quickly opened the door. When they saw Theresa pay the taxi man and turn to face her friends, she threw herself in Rosa's mother's arms.

   "I missed you Aunt" Theresa Mo said and her eyes became Teary. Rosa's mother held her in a hug for a long time during which Rosa went to the quietly standing boys and led them.

  "Are you Miss Rosa?" Lee Mo asked, looking forward to meeting his mum's best friend. 

  Rosa nodded her head and said yes. Theresa Mo Turned and said "There's a lot to catch up on '' she watched as Rosa carried Tim on her shoulders and her brother carried Lee on his.

  She dragged a few luggage but Rosa's mother said her son would return to take them in. It was a happy reunion to be with Rosa and her family again.

  The twins were embraced by Rosa's mother. She couldn't express her happiness when she was seeing Theresa Mo after a few years.

   "Where have you been?" Rosa asked. Theresa Mo left and said she was going away to become a stronger woman. She needed space and Rosa shouldn't be worried about her.

  "I went to country X. I'm sorry Rosa has left the way I did. I couldn't think of a better alternative and telling you what was happening, you and Aunt might not want me to leave, that's why I left when no one was at home to stop me" Theresa Mo apologised.

  They didn't ask her any more questions. The Kids were here and they needed to apply caution. Theresa settled into the guest room from where she had travelled and soon Rosa's mother prepared dinner for them.

  After their breakfast, Theresa read night stories for the kids while Rosa stayed and watched her sing the kids to sleep. She smiled, her friend has become a mother.

  Theresa saw her friend smiling and looking at the kids then she smiled too. Seeing people looking at the boy's and smiling has not been new to her anymore. 

  When they were babies, she can't remember the number of times people plead that she let them Carry them. Many gave them gifts,money and bought them clothes.

  She knows those boys are cute and anyone who sees them likes them alot.

  "I know they are your sons without being told. Was it that incident that led to their pregnancy?"Rosa asked.

   Theresa noodded and stood up pulling Rosa along with her to the sitting room. She was going to tell everyone how it went with her for the past four years.

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