Ch11: A make over

Kaycee and Thelma both left the kitchen and went straight to the double doors down the hallway. Kaycee became a gentle man and allowed Thelma in before following from behind, inside this passage were four rooms, each holding different backstage dress up and makeup facilities. Thelma took notice about the positions, colour and decorations of each door. There were two doors at the left wall, one painted in wine with mystical designs surrounding the words ‘costume written on it and the other a green door only having an Algerian writing ‘shoes and accessories’ written boldly on it. And there, at the right wall there was a dim yellow door but she could not see the words written on it because Kaycee had opened the second door which was a black door with no writing just a few decorations around the edges and the door handle.

Thelma paused seeing the black door, she felt odd and weird about the room as she stare at it. Kaycee looked back to her with a

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