Ch15: A nightstand 1


Thelma and Orlando were laughing and even snorting at some point. Whatever dumb joke Thelma cracked had them slouching on their seats that it hurts their ribs bad. Upon reaching the secret billionaire’s hotel room Thelma tried ignoring her urges and fought against the bubbling good feeling in her stomach. She hoped it was going to be an innocent glass of wine but who knew this would turn into a disaster.

 “Th..that how I ended up here in Florida and I started working at the hotel-” Thelma slurred loudly and burped which brought in another fits of laughter between them. After they both calmed down and relax, Orlando then contributed to their blank discussion Thelma started.

“That must be hard for you.” Orlando was a bit crazy on the wine but was not close to being drunk like Thelma. A little while later he was starting to feel light headed and drowsy from excess wine. This was the biggest amount he ever had for years even his alcohol re

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