Ch16: Sneaking past my daughter {New year's chapter}

The sound of birds chirping on the trees behind the hotel brought Thelma back to reality. She rolled to her side and stretched her limbs but they hurt really bad. When she tried lifting her head it hurts even worse. Thelma knew the effect was from drinking excess alcohol last night when she wasn’t supposed to drink any.

“Why did I let him get me into drinking last night? Gosh my head hurts so bad I can’t think.” She mumbled under her breath and clutched her head to help relieve the throbbing coursing through the veins in her temples. Thelma thought laying down for extra hours might help, only a few minutes on the bed and she was already feeling sick in the stomach. “How much did I drink? Please someone help my mind here?” She continues to mumble under her breath with her face stuck into a pillow.

Thelma could not handle the hangover anymore and was feeling nauseous, so she rolled to her other side to get up but an arm around her waist prevented her. Like someone who’

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