Ch17: Catastrophic

At Sweet Dream’s Hotel…

Orlando woke up from his side of the bed not feeling the usual effect of tiredness back pain or any headaches. It brought a huge smile on his lips, an emotion he wasn’t used to. He rolled to his side attempting to spoon Ava only to find an empty space, Orlando frowned, his eyes still closed.

‘where is she?’

He felt around again hoping his mind played an early morning trick on him but got faced with reality, an empty ruffled sheet greets him. Orlando’s eyes snap open and were fully alert to his surroundings. “This can’t be, maybe I am dreaming.” He said to himself.

The curtains were the same as last night, so was the table and chairs in front of the bed. Orlando could only imagine what went on the previous night. Every act was a blur except a few parts he’s still trying to piece back.

 “Where could she have gone to?”

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