Ch21: World due fate

Thelma struggled to move her head or say ‘hi’ her entire body was compelled to freeze on spot after hearing his voice. She wanted to say ‘hi’ she wanted to respond eagerly but her senses were numb to her commands. His aura had a strange effect on her that causes her to freeze in shock.

“Hello?” He tried again. This time he waved his hand in her face to get some reaction and it worked.

“Hiiii…” Thelma swoon and awkwardly clears her throat when she realizes what she did.

“Is this seat taken?” He ask.

“No, not at all, please have your seat.” Her words almost failed her but she kept on holding strong like she’s always been.

“Thanks.” They both stayed in a comfortable silence but Orlando volunteered to begin a conversation to ease the tension between them.

“So, what’s your name?” He asked a flushed Thelma who was trying to avoid his gaze by playing with her white blonde hair. “Come on isn’t it what women expect from us men. Don’t you like t

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