Ch22: Sneakers and peepers

A week after the incident…

Orlando and Mike finally moved into the new apartment Quinn told them to occupy, they were to stay in the community, keeping a low profile while working on fishing out information about the prime suspect of late Valentino Zachary until the case gets closed. Quinn is yet to reveal how this Cassy Dora looks like, for now all they have to do is be careful and wait.

Orlando wondered why Quinn picked this place, it wasn’t in the best condition for major or minor repairs neither was it in the best condition for a human to live inside. The kitchen sinks needed repairs, the rooms were all worn out and the door squeaks annoyingly each time someone opens it. Orlando was convinced to believe the last occupant of the house must be a terrible person for damaging a property so badly.

“And Quinn says five star hotels are terrible.” Orlando muttered to himself while glaring at his new home.


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