Ch4: Arrangement for the event

Thelma reached the sweet dreams hotel by six which means her work shift had started about an hour ago, being a chef at this big hotel was the only job and living for her and Ella, and she doesn’t intend to lose it any time soon.

“You’re lucky Kaycee did not find you sneaking into the restaurant this late Elle.” Emma had her covered up till she arrived and took her position in the kitchen where all the meals were made and served to the hotel and it restaurant. Technically there are two kitchens one for the hotel restaurant and the other for room service but most foods were cooked in the hotel restaurant’s kitchen.

“Thanks again Emma, I totally forgot about my shift. A lot has been going on lately, it makes me tired and stressed out, I guess it must be the reason work slipped off my mind..” Thelma explained to the nice middle-aged woman who has been a loyal friend, colleague and support to her. It was a close call that left Thelma feeling agitated for almost losing a good job and possibly getting fired.

“No problem, just be careful next  time, I am not sure if I will still be able to cover your back in the future.” Emma gave her a heads-up. 

Thelma knows better than to override the hotel rules. Many pardons has been granted to her by the manager but she does not want to misuse the privilege even though she was unfortunately cursed with a kinky flirtatious boss. Thelma would have been in a better situation, but she had to be careful around her manager Kaycee Wells, well known for his deceit to women and womanizing habits. 

For the past six months Thelma has been working in the Sweets dreams hotel and she already knows enough about their manager. Kaycee Wells has been trying to get in her pants for months like he does to every staff in the hotel. He was just a shameless disgraceful component in the whole of Florida.

Thelma is no fool to be deceived by Kaycee’s flirts or saddened words, she understood his techniques, it was a way he is able to capture the heart and emotions of any female he sees. A mad sex addict looking for the next victim he will sleep with ‘Such a bitch’.

“I know Emma, I will try to be early next time.” Thelma told her while putting on her chef cloth and capt.

“Let’s get cooking shall we.” Emma clunk the two spatulas in her hand for show.

“Doing what we know best.” Thelma grinned.

They laid out pans and pots for tonight’s meal and arranging the ingredients brought in, neatly on the table. 

“Tonight’s meal.” Thelma picked up the sticky note hanging on a string connected at both ends of the window. “Spaghetti meatballs?” She raised an eyebrow at the list, it was a rare order that anyone leaving or eating in the Sweet dreams hotel will order for spaghetti meatball. For the past six months Thelma has been working in the hotel, never had they come across such a request.

“That’s quite strange, do you think they want to add a new menu?” Emma asked.

“I guess so, but spaghetti meatballs are my favorite. I guess God is doing me good don’t you think.” Thelma shrugged thinking it was Kaycee’s trick for her to like him. she once told him her favorite food was spaghetti meatball when they had a date which made her think he might have been involved.

“All hail the lord!” Emma praised and they chuckled. They grabbed big pots and boiled water inside them. Thelma was chopping mints when a thought occurred to her.

“Emma why are we the only ones working here tonight?”

“Kaycee’s order, he didn’t want anyone in here except you and me.” Emma shrugged.

‘that was strange’ Thelma thought. The hotel has a flexible working schedule whereby they had day and night workers, every night there were two chefs and three additional workers working in the kitchen and eleven waiters and waitresses working in the restaurant while more staffs were employed during the day.

“What about John, Danny and Falco they should be here it’s their shift night.” Thelma inquired.

“You know how those three can be, Kaycee never really fancy their acts and regrets ever putting them together on the same shift. He would definitely have a heart attack if they were here and screwed the comfort of his guest.”

“Guest? I didn’t know Kaycee was expecting someone.” Thelma said. She neatly cut out the beef in long slim sizes and minced them with the in built-in meat mincer in the kitchen. Thelma pressed the green button and the machine started mincing the beef into tiny pieces.

“I told you before, I guess it slipped your mind.” Emma reminded her.

“I guess so.” Thelma shrugged not bothering to dwell in the topic.

“Ladies!“ Thelma groaned instantly at the sound of their manager’s voice and Emma winked at her. Thelma glared at her friend who returned the gesture with a blow kiss, Thelma busied herself with the food she was preparing as Kaycee made an entrance in the kitchen wearing an ash designer suit. 

“Guess what?” Kaycee’s eyes shined with happiness and excitement, it was evident something big happened but Thelma didn’t buy the elated verse of Kaycee after all he is a womanizer.

“What?” Emma asked on behalf of Thelma. Kaycee then faced Thelma as if expecting her to say something too. Knowing him, if she doesn’t say anything he will not continue till she speaks. She wanted to save herself and Emma some peace and sanity, so she asked in a very bored tone that wasn’t very noticeable.


Ever since Thelma started working at the Sweet hotel Kaycee has been on her neck, she wonders why he is so interested in her making her a center of attention in the entire hotel rather than going for the willing waitresses and room service workers that would bow to the ground just so they can have one night with him.

Being a chef wasn’t what she planned, or what she was aspiring to become. It is an under cover support for her and Ella which is to last for a short period of time. The sooner she gets enough cash Thelma plans to buy a mini pastry shop and start her own business.

She had been deprived of basic education when growing up and was able to sponsor herself in what little education she could afford. It was in this journey that she learnt everything about culinary, which was now doing her a lot of favor in keeping up. And then she met the most handsome sweetest man Valentino Zachary.

“Ivan Senior is hosting a ceremony next week for his son.” Kaycee told them, the excitement and jubilation not leaving his eyes.

“And so?” Emma asked him. Thelma remained quiet listening to them since she has no idea who this Ivan Senior was.

“He will be here by nine and I need the hotel restaurant to be in good shape.” Kaycee continued.

“Why is he coming by this time?” Emma questioned again.

“To make arrangements.”

“What sort of arrangements, Ivan senior will not come in here unless it is important.” Emma said.

“I’ll let you know the details later, but now we all have to focus on being our best tonight. I sent you tonight’s meal isn’t it?” Emma and Thelma both nodded. “Good, you two please do your best and make sure tonight’s meal is memorable. I am counting on you guys.” He told them.

“Okay tell me at least what is the purpose of all the arrangements so we can know what spicy to use, to create irresistible delicious unforgettable delicacies that will lure him to our advantage.”

“I like the way you speak Emma.” Kaycee pointed a long finger at Emma. “He is retiring from his post as CEO of I”

“Oh my, who is he going to hand it over to?” Emma asked in surprise. They both talked like Thelma wasn’t present, like they have had this conversation several times.

“I am not sure but the good news is, he chose our hotel and restaurant to hold the event, accommodation and serving for that day among hundreds of hotels in Florida, isn’t it so amazing!” Kaycee exclaimed clapping his hands.

“Yes it is, I agree. Is that the reason we are only making just spaghetti meatballs and Danny, Falco, and John are not present tonight because you fear they will cause havoc?”

“Exactly Emma!” Kaycee gave Emma a thumbs up then faced Thelma. “You’ve been quiet since don’t you have anything to say?”

“No, not really.” Thelma shook her head.

“If you say so.” He shrugged leaving Thelma to her cooking and head to the kitchen door, gripping the handle he looked back at two again.

“Just make sure you keep up the good appearance.”

“But we can’t go out like this.” Emma complained.

“I was referring to the food. Burger.” He scoffed and left the kitchen.

To be continued….

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