Chapter 2479


After Sabrina hung up the phone, she pondered in silence. She wanted to be calm. The more she encountered such matters, the calmer she had to me. Every minute and every second passed so slowly as if a year had already gone by when, in fact, it had only been half an hour. Sabrina's phone rang again.

She picked her phone up to take a look and answered it. "Hello, Marcus?"

On the other end of the line, Marcus immediately said, "Sabrina, I was a little busy in the morning. You had called me to ask about Yvonne. Is there something I can help you with?"

Sabrina was speechless. Logically speaking, the first number that was saved on Yvonne's phone should be Marcus' number. After Yvonne had met with an accident, the first thing the local doctor would have done was to call Marcus. However, from what Sabrina had heard over the phone, it seemed like Marcus still did not know that Yvonne had met with an accident.

What was going on? Sabrina took a pause and then said calmly, "It's fi
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