Chapter 2489

Sabrina could not help but weep silently.

Sabrina said to Marcus in tears, "Marcus, what exactly is going on? Yvonne said she saw that the person driving toward her was indeed you. She would not have suddenly disappeared when she was severely injured and pregnant if she weren't sure it was you."

"In the past few days, all the news that Sebastian's subordinates sent back from every corner of the city was that they did not discover any suspicious person holding Yvonne hostage. That means it was Yvonne who had run away from the hospital herself.

"She did not want to see you. She was actually so deeply saddened that she didn't even notify her own parents. You could never imagine how this sudden drastic change and the feeling of her most beloved man wanting her dead made her feel. Do you know that, Marcus?"

“Sabrina!" Marcus suddenly grabbed Sabrina's shoulders. "Tell me, Sabrina, is Yvonne… already dead?"

Sabrina's heart suddenly sank.

Would Yvonne have already died? Otherwise, how
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