Chapter 2490

"How can it be me?" Marcus kept muttering.

Sabrina and Sebastian, who were next to him, stayed silent for a very long time.

Seeing that Marcus had been muttering to himself for a few minutes, Sabrina could not help but raise her head and look at Sebastian. "Sebastian, has it been identified by a professional?"

Sebastian shook his head. "The standards of the local technology could only identify that it was Marcus."

"Do you believe it's Marcus?" Sabrina asked.

Sebastian shook his head. "Of course, I don't."

He had never believed that it was Marcus since the very beginning.

Also, he was certain that there was a bigger plot behind this matter. It was just that he had come to this city to visit Yvonne with Sabrina, so he had not had the time to find out the result of the investigation in South City. However, even if Sebastian were not around, his men in South City would also do their best with the investigation since he had already given his orders.

He believed that there would cert
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