Chapter 2491


The couple cried so much at the hospital that they fainted multiple times.

Sabrina, Ruth, and Kingston, as well as Kingston's parents, had been the ones who were taking care of Vincent and Helena.

Sabrina kept comforting the couple and said, "Mister and Missus Yates, Sebastian would do everything he can to look for Yvonne. Right now, having no news about Yvonne is the best news. Both of you have to take care of your health. When Yvonne returns with her twins, she will need both of you to take care of her children. If your health is ruined, then who could Yvonne rely on?"

What she said indeed made the couple much calmer. They were even willing to eat.

Vincent even said with high spirits, "Sabrina is right. We have to take good care of our health so we can take care of our grandchildren in the future."

Helena also nodded heavily. "Yes!"

That was hope.

Once a person has something to look forward to, the person will have the strength to live. Even if that kind of hope was sl
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DaWanda Dawn
OMG this can’t be happening. Markus is so sweet and someone is turning him this way. Please save him soon.

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