Chapter 2493

"I love him more than I love my own life. Of course, I have to protect him!"

"You've said it so affectionately! Have you, however, thought about someone else's wife, someone else's children, and someone else's family that your husband destroyed?" The conversation between the two of them had turned into a violent argument!

It was as if the volcanoes had erupted.

Sebastian, who was at the side, had been looking at them coldly.

"Marcus Shaw! If you have something to say, please stop beating around the bush! You'll only be wasting your own time!" Sabrina no longer wanted to waste her time talking to Marcus anymore.

"Very well!" Marcus sneered. He did not look at Sabrina and just looked at Sebastian. "Sebastian Ford, it's already been so many years. Perhaps ever since my grandpa helped your mother give birth to you and your brother on Star Island, you and your mother already hated my grandpa and the Shaw family, right?"

Sebastian nodded. "You're right."

Sabrina was dumbfounded as sh
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