Chapter 2494

Marcus did not answer Sabrina's question. He just looked at Sebastian and said with a sneer, "Ford, do you think that you're the only one in the world who's resourceful enough, and your plot is so flawless? Do you think the Shaw family is not capable of finding out what's going on?"

"Let me tell you something then. Ever since I came back to South City, I have indeed been dispirited and felt like I'm better off dead. However, the Shaw family has never slacked off in searching for my wife and finding out who was the one to set me up."

"The Shaw family indeed are not as powerful as the Ford family. However, it's fortunate that my grandpa's subordinates and apprentices are all over the world. It's not that hard to investigate something!"

"I've had someone do a sharpness enhancement on that video and have restored many aspects of it. I have to admit that you are really very capable. You are able to find someone that looked somewhat similar to me at the harbor and found such a skilled mak
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DaWanda Dawn
This can’t be happening. I’m so sad they are letting others play tricks on them....

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