Chapter 2495

"A person who wanted to be invincible in South City must have been someone who had once been involved with South City, or the places surrounding South City, or just the south."

"Because Alex is in the north, no one would be able to enter through there. Since this is the case, the scope is much narrower. As long as the person saw the Ford and Shaw families fighting each other to death, the person would surface."

Sabrina nodded. "That made sense as well. However, Sebastian, are you sure we're not going to tell Marcus? How much would Marcus hate us? He wants to fight us to death from now on. When the time comes, both parties truly will lose."

She looked at her husband with concern.

No matter which party would be hurt, that was not something that Sabrina would hope to see, let alone both parties might end up losing.

She was worried about Marcus, and she was even more so worried for her husband.

Sabrina said with a slight catch in her throat, "Sebastian, you've suffered too much your
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