Chapter 2496

The move that Sebastian made was enough to disguise the truth.

He did not want to tell Marcus that someone wanted to take advantage of them and destroy both the Ford Group and the Shaw family simultaneously.

Sebastian let Marcus and the entire Shaw family blindly misunderstand that it was him who had gotten a person to pretend to be Marcus and then have Yvonne killed. Then, Marcus and his parents would hate Sebastian to their bone. That kind of deep-seated hatred could not be faked.

Even when Gloria saw her son-in-law, she questioned him without caring about the time and place.

Gloria had always been a decent person, and that was the first time she came to his company's entrance and burst out cursing at him.

It was really because Gloria could not find him elsewhere. She called her daughter, but she did not even pick up the call. Later, Gloria gave it another thought. Her daughter was also in a difficult position being sandwiched in between them. Instead of questioning her daughter
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