Chapter 2497

Gloria instantly burst out in tears when she heard her brother saying that.

She said to her brother in tears, "I'll go question Sebastian. If that jerk really wants to exterminate all of you, then I will kill myself in front of him!"

That was Gloria's promise to her brother.

However, in private, Gloria did not hate this son-in-law of hers at all.

How should she explain to her brother then?

Therefore, Gloria was caught between a rock and a hard place.

At that moment, she was anxious beyond measure after she heard Sebastian's company's stocks kept falling.

She grabbed the security manager's hand and shook it. "Tell me. Tell me quickly. What does it mean for the stocks to fall? Does the Shaw family defeat the Ford family?"

If that were the case, then the weight on Gloria's chest would be slightly relieved.

That was because she did not wish for her family, her brother, and her nephew to be killed by Sebastian.

However, if the Shaw family had defeated Sebastian, she could beg fo
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