Chapter 2498

"His name is Eldon Carver?" Sebastian asked while looking at Kingston, who was standing in front of him.

Kingston nodded. "Yes, Master Sebastian."

Kingston's complexion looked dull. He was only away from Sebastian's side for a few days, and he already looked visibly thinner.

He had always been a cheerful and healthy man, so much so that he was already a fully grown man, but he could often play together with Aino. He was very much a child at heart. However, because Yvonne had gone missing, the entire Yates family had been gloomy in those days.

Kingston loved this cousin of his the most.

In the past few days, he had been so heartbroken and so occupied looking for her, that he was already almost losing his original shape.

At that moment, Kingston, who looked out of shape, was as vicious as Sebastian back then when he spoke, "This man named Eldon better not fall into my hands. If I caught him, I would skin him! I would break every bone in this body!"

Sebastian raised his head to lo
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