Chapter 2501

"Since he wanted to exterminate the Shaw family, then why are we still hesitating?"

His mother opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she stopped herself.

That was because she knew that her son had always been very meek and had never made enemies with anybody in his life. If he did not have an immense hatred, he never would have become like that.

Once he had already made a decision, he certainly would not change his mind anymore.

In the end, she just nodded. "Marcus, the whole family will stand by you until the very end!"

Marcus smiled miserably. "Mom, I have good news for you. The Ford Group is also in hot water now. I'll head over to the Ford Group to have a look today. I'll see how Sebastian's doing right now!"

"Go on. Don't be afraid of him!" said his mother.

Of course, Marcus was not afraid of Sebastian.

If he had been afraid, he would not have announced to go against Sebastian like that. After he left his house, Marcus drove straight to the Ford Group.

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