Chapter 2503

"Did you destroy the Ford family and the Shaw family just because you're loyal to your master? Is this what you, Eldon, a graduate of Oxen University, a man who had lived abroad for so many years and a well-known man in Northern Osone, would have done?" Sebastian asked coldly.

Marcus, who was at the side, was speechless.

The more he heard, the more confused he was.

However, he seemed to have made a little sense from what he had heard as well.

It seemed like Sebastian had already found out about many things, including Eldon's past.

Hold on!

Marcus suddenly looked at him. "Sebastian Ford! What are you talking about? What's it got to do with him? The person who caused the Shaw family to be broken is you, Sebastian Ford! What's it got to do with Eldon? Sebastian, at this juncture, are you going to put the blame on someone else and avoid taking responsibility yourself?"

Sebastian looked at Marcus, questioning him fiercely, and ignored him completely.

He only looked at Eldon and sai
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