Chapter 2504

Marcus's eyes widened when he heard what Eldon said. He looked at Eldon with reddened eyes that were burning.

What he said next was calm, but it would send a chill down a person's spine if he had heard them. "What grudge do you have with me for you to do this to me? Eldon Carver, do you think I will show mercy to you because I had been kind all my life and had never killed a man? Is that why you bully the weak while you fear the powerful person? Then, would you like to know how I, Marcus Shaw, would deal with you?!"

Eldon's tone was very calm. "I would like to know. However, Mister Shaw, no matter how you deal with me, I will be grateful. Ever since ancient times, the loser will always be at the mercy of the winner. Since my plan has failed, I have accepted my fate. No matter if it's you, Mister Shaw, or if it's Mister Ford who would be chopping me into pieces, I have no complaints at all."

What he said stunned Marcus so much that he was unable to speak for a long while. "You…"

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