Chapter 2605

"As long as you're able to not take things to heart," Kingston said gently.

Eevonne wiped her tears while looking at Kingston. "Do you think that I will really take a knife and kill my cousin?"

Kingston laughed. "No. You're not that silly, aren't you?"

Eevonne sighed. "My reputation in my village is ruined anyway. There's no going to be any man that wants me anymore. I'm already in this state, so I might as well just treat myself as a laborer. The first thing to do is to clear my debt. As for everything else, I'll just wait and see. Oh, Kingston, the payment for the hospitalization, could you…"

She looked at Kingston in embarrassment while biting her lips. All she had on her was only a thousand dollars at best. She had to use that money to travel to her temporary jobs and also to find a permanent job. She also had to use that for a month's living expenses. Therefore, she truly has no money to pay for the hospitalization expenses anymore.

Kingston smiled. "Eevonne! It's because you
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