Chapter 2606

Eevonne threw herself into Kingston's arms immediately and cried in extreme fear. "They beat me up. I'm in pain all over my body. My head was rubbed on the concrete pavement and it hurts like hell. It's so painful…"

"I know. I know it all," Kingston said while feeling heartbroken.

When the doctor was administering antivenom to Eevonne, he did a full body check for her as well. Her organs were fine, but there were quite a few soft tissue injuries. There were injuries all over her scalp. Kingston could not help but feel emotional that both parties are families, they were cousins, but her cousin unexpectedly could beat her up so violently. However, when he gave it another thought, was this not how it has always been? Master Sebastian's brothers had also exhausted all the ways to kill him back then, had they not? Humans have always had an evil side.

"Get some sleep. Nobody would come and beat you up again," Kingston coaxed Eevonne gently. She then closed her eyes again. This time, she s
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