Chapter 2607

"Kingston, we actually barely knew each other, but I…I truly have spilled my guts too much to you yesterday. I am sorry, Kingston. I've embarrassed myself. Also, I am actually fine. I just…owe a little money. I am able to clear it. Just pretend that everything I've said yesterday is nonsense. Don't put it on your mind. After we've both recovered, you should…hurry up and look for your cousin. Don't have your business delayed."

Kingston nodded. "I got it. I will. Hmm…"

After he thought about it, he said, "I'm very honored that you treat me as your friend. I'm even more honored that you spilled your guts to me. I feel that I can carry out another profession in the future."

"What profession?" Eevonne asked in confusion.

"Agony aunt," Kingston said very seriously.

Eevonne laughed extremely happily.

"Hurry up and eat or it won't be as tasty anymore."

"Mm-hmm." The girl lowered her head and wolfed her food down.

Both of them were hospitalized for a week. It was after they had complete
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So the book isn’t finished?

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