Chapter 2608

Eevonne's face turned as white as a sheet when she saw that it was her mother calling. Her hand was shaking like crazy and she did not dare to answer it for a very long time.

"Who's calling? Is it those relatives of yours again? It's fine. I'll follow you home today and resolve this matter. Even if we can't resolve it, we're in a society that's governed by laws now. Nobody would dare to blatantly do anything to us," Kingston said to comfort her.

With tears in her eyes, Eevonne handed her phone to him. "Kingston, it's my mother who's calling."

"Just answer it." He encouraged her.

Eevonne took a deep breath, and after she clicked on the answer button. "Mom?"

The voice on the other end of the call was miserable and cold. "So you'll still pick up my phone!"

Eevonne laughed miserably. "Mom, you didn't call me either, did you? Aren't you curious at all if I am dead or alive?"

Kingston, who was standing next to Eevonne, pulled the order of her clothes. "Don't talk to your mother like t
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