Chapter 2611

He was very relieved that he had done something right and had saved a girl. The reason he did that was none other than to help his cousin, Yvonne, earn some good karma. He hoped that she could be living her life very well somewhere on earth.

"There's really no need, Kingston. If I were to handle my family's matters myself, I would just be beaten up by them at best. Besides, they don't really have the guts to beat me to death. No matter what, these are still my family's matters. If you were to go, it would become a big problem. It's better for me to handle it myself," Eevonne said sincerely.

Kingston thought about it and then he nodded. "Alright. Go ahead then. After you're done with your business, remember to call me."

"Alright. See you, Kingston." Eevonne closed the car door and left.

Within a minute, a car stopped behind Kingston. The person who came down from the car came to the back of Kingston respectfully and said, "Mister Yates, you don't let us follow you, so we don't dare
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