Chapter 2626

It was as if Eevonne's mother could not hear Kingston taking a jab at her. She just kept wailing and shouting, "Eevonne, my daughter, where are you?"

At that moment, even the few police officers felt an indescribable sadness when they saw her like that. One of the police officers could not help but give her a few pieces of advice, "Madam, it's not wrong at all for a person to love their loved ones, their family, their nieces, and their nephews. That means that you're a good person and a person who has a conscience and is generous. However, loving your family but not your children is really wrong. They are your children, after all. If you don't even love her, who else would care about her? So what if she has debt? She didn't break any laws for having debt. You've trampled on your own child like that, so everyone in your family doesn't treat her as a human. Don't you feel sad about that? The main thing is that there's truly no other person in this world who has the obligation to take ca
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