Chapter 2627

"Get all these shitty relatives of theirs out of here!"

Instantly, the people outside the yard became very rowdy. They simply wanted to protect the village from their own village! All of the relatives from Eevonne's mother's family, who were standing in the courtyard, were truly embarrassed at that moment.

Eevonne's younger cousin, in particular, who was still bossing people around arrogantly half an hour ago, who thought that she was the most talented, the prettiest, and the most outstanding person in the world, was so angry that her face was reddened and was feeling very awkward.

"Does this feel good?" Kingston deliberately asked the group of ungrateful and heartless people in the courtyard while looking at them.

Nobody answered Kingston. All of them were too embarrassed to speak.

"I'll let you know that I've met bullies, but I've never met any kind of bullies like you guys! As Eevonne's relatives, not only did you not help her, but you also kept taking things from her while ins
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