Chapter 2628

She wanted to follow Kingston as he continued looking for her cousin.

Eevonne's mother's expression immediately became slightly terrified. "Eevonne, do you…hate me?"

Eevonne answered without any hesitation, "Yes!"

Her mother was speechless.

"However, you are my mother. I have no other way. I also know that you've actually contributed quite a bit to the York family all these years. I hate you, but I still will care for you like a fool," Eevonne answered truthfully.

"That's good then. That's good. I've failed you in the past, and I've overlooked you. I won't play favorites anymore in the future," said her mother and she smiled miserably, "Forget about playing favorites. In the future, I'll…cut ties with my family!"

She looked like she had made a painful and firm decision.

Eevonne smiled while feeling at ease. "Mom, they are such a close family to you. When my brother and I were still children, your brother and his wife had been helping our family as well. All of you are so close.
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