Chapter 2630

Eevonne sighed in relief. "You've scared me to death, Kingston. I thought it was for something else. It's fine. Whichever city you're heading to look for your cousin, I'll go to that city to be a delivery person. I still owe you fifty thousand dollars. If I don't follow you, there's no telling when we will be meeting next. I…I truly don't have any other things that I can give you as collateral. If you don't let me follow you, aren't you afraid that I…run away? That's fifty thousand dollars!"

Eevonne was thinking who in this world would let her owe them fifty thousand dollars and not chase after her for repayment and was even willing to let her go? Would he not be afraid that she would run away without leaving a single trace and not meet him again in this life?

Kingston brushed Eevonne's nose. "Silly girl. You've worked in the city for more than ten years and you've been through all sorts of things, but how are you still so silly?"

Eevonne truly smiled in a silly manner. "Wh-What's t
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