Chapter 2634

"Madam, do you know? When I first saw this girl, she was beaten up until her head was covered in blood. At that time, I thought of Yvonne. My cousin's whereabouts are still unknown now and I still don't know if she is alive or she is dead. I feel terrible," Kingston said apologetically.

Sabrina sighed softly. "I know, Kingston. I know."

"Also, what you've been through in South City back then, as well as when you were found by Master Sebastian and brought back from Ciarrai county, your situation, I truly… Madam, do you know? When you had just returned to South City back then, that kind of passivity and unyielding attitude was truly very inspiring. I was thinking that not all of the girls in this world could have an incredibly strong mind like you, so much so that nobody could truly defeat you. This girl is unlike you. If…if I hadn't saved her, perhaps she truly would have walked down the wrong path into the abyss and ended up being a psycho. She is very weak. She needed someone to he
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