Chapter 2635

The four elderly people were all covered in tears after they heard her story. Early in the morning the following day, Kingston went to the company early in the morning. He met with the other managing directors and had a morning meeting to confirm their plans for the next month. After that, Kingston took the morning flight to the north. He did not meet Eevonne again. He knew that as long as he put Eevonne in South City and put her in the hands of Sabrina, she could certainly take care of Eevonne very well. Besides, Eevonne could take care of herself as well.

Kingston only gave a call to Eevonne before he boarded the plane. "Eevonne, I'm already boarding the plane to leave South City. Take care of yourself. I'll be waiting for you to pay back the money to me."

Eevonne was slightly surprised on the other end of the call. "Kingston, why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

Kingston sighed. "I can't be at ease until I find my cousin, so I can't delay it."

"I understand, Kingston. Don't wo
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