Chapter 2721

In order to make his daughter happy, Mister Cain abused his power to bend the law for the first time. He felt that firing an ordinary female employee was truly not a big deal. It was just something as easy as waving his hands. Who would have expected that this woman was actually Kingston's wife? They even had already obtained their marriage license.

At that moment, Mister Cain was stunned. His mouth was wide open and he was unable to say anything for a long while. In the end, a kind of terror, that did not quite match his age, grew in his eyes Mister Cain knew Sebastian's character very well. Sebastian had never bent the law for his own selfish gains, and he absolutely never allowed his own subordinates to do such a thing as well! This matter has alerted Kingston, which was the equivalent that it alerted Sebastian. After that, whether the Cain family would still have a place in the Ford Group or not was up in the air!

The old man's gaze went from being unwavering initially to having
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