Chapter 2722

Kingston did not look at Deacon, he just looked at the human resource manager without any expression on his face. "Go on then. Get the company's lawyer to come over and immediately issue a demand letter to Deacon's company. If he is three days late for payment from the deadline we set, we will increase the compensation to twenty million. If he is five days late than the deadline we set, the compensation amount would be increased to forty million. By that extension, if he is a week late, it will be increased to eighty million. If he is another ten days later, the compensation would be increased to one hundred million!"

Speaking of that, Kingston smiled. "I know. You can disagree with me, Mister Cain. We'll simply see you in court then. I think with the Ford Group's power, we won't need too long to fight with a mediocre downstream company like yours. It'll just take three years. I think that if the Ford Group were to spend three years going to court with you, we can forcibly drag you on
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