Chapter 2724

Dash shuddered. It was not that he did not want to lift his head. He simply did not dare to.

"Dash Long!" Kingston suddenly shouted angrily. "Lift your head up!"

Dash turned his head around to look at Phoebe and then secretly glanced at Mister Cain again.

"Since you have the guts to come to our company to create trouble, you should have the courage to face all these!" Kingston looked at Dash aggressively. "My wife is a pushover, but I'm not easily bullied! At my age, this is my first time seeing a person from a company from the downstream sector, a person who came to our door to beg for food, coming to threaten us. Aren't you putting the cart in front of the horse? You are living off us, but you still want to drive us out?"

Dash was speechless.

"Lift your head up!" Kingston ordered again.

Dash had no choice but to lift up his head to look at Kingston and Eevonne. It was at that moment that everyone saw Dash's face was so red that he really looked maroon in color. He was truly ugl
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