Chapter 2725

'Just take it as I'm begging you.'

Dash wanted to see Eevonne in that state very badly. Therefore, step by step, he kept forcing Eevonne aggressively. Eevonne, on the other hand, had always been taking whatever he threw at her calmly, and was easily able to think of a way to fight back. She even expressed that it would not matter if their company did not collaborate with Dash. She clearly was driving him away. At that moment, that pitiful person in the past, who was extremely humble, already had the guts to drive him away directly. She even dared to reject him.

At that time, Dash's fury was already raging like a tsunami. He almost did not consider anything else anymore. He simply wanted to crush Eevonne, and then subdue her. He simply wanted to make Eevonne an obedient servant at his feet. Therefore, he had to shamelessly collaborate with the Ford Group and also forcefully call her directly or talk to her face-to-face over and over again to make Eevonne leave the company. He directly
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