Chapter 2728

Eevonne did not expect that Dash would suddenly become so sincere. Everyone who was present also did not expect it. Suddenly, Eevonne has nothing to say anymore. She turned her head over to look at Kingston. Kingston was looking at Phoebe and Mister Cain.

At that moment, Mister Cain also stood up with a regretful expression and sighed very deeply. "Well…I've never bent the law for selfish gains all my life. My daughter begged me. I was thinking, I don't have anything I would ask for in life anymore at my age, and I just hope that my daughter can live happily. I was thinking that she's just an ordinary employee of the company anyway, it wouldn't matter to just fire her. I have never considered how deeply I would hurt that ordinary employee by doing so. Dash is wrong. But I'm worse! If a person made a mistake by accident or if a young person made a mistake, God would forgive that person. However, once a person like me, who has the power to decide where a person lives or dies, made a wro
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Aurea Ilagan Alcera
Pls. end this story line with Eevonne it’s been too dragging and too long already, it gets really boring and repeated the story over and over, enough story for Eevonne just give her a happy ending with Kingston.

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