Chapter 2729

"How great would it be if I have a father like you, who would do anything for me regardless of if it was right or wrong just for the sake of my happiness? I know and I can understand you. You've investigated me, so you know that I've always been diligent and hardworking since I came to the Ford Group. Likewise, I also know you. All these years you've been in charge of the Ford Group, you've never used your power for personal gains. You've never been unreasonable as well. This was your only time. It was for the sake of your daughter. Therefore, I forgive you."

Eevonne was very sincere with her words. Mister Cain respected her very much when he heard that. He looked at Kingston with his face reddened. "Kingston, you really have a keen eye and you've got yourself a good wife. She is very amazing. She is worthy of you."

"Mister Cain, since Eevonne is not going to hold you responsible anymore, just stay on then." Even if Eevonne did not say anything, Kingston also would not hold Mister Ca
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