Chapter 2730

They would be having a wedding reception? That news came too suddenly for everyone.

Dash and Deacon, who were originally looking for a hole in the ground to hide in, could not help but lift their heads and looked at Eevonne. They have already announced their wedding so their relationship certainly must be true. Both Dash and Deacon were feeling more regretful than the other. They regretted bullying others too much. They regretted that not only did they not give others a chance to turn over a new leaf, but they even wanted to get rid of the person.

What happened in the end? Not only did they not completely get rid of her, but they completely blocked off all of their way out.

Seeing that everyone in the reception room was having a wild celebration, Dash and Deacon left the Ford Group with disappointment. As soon as they got out of the entrance, both of them started fighting each other crazily. Both of them beat up each other into a pulp and they even yanked off a few strands of each o
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