Chapter 2731

He deserved it. Just like what Mister Cain said, God would not forgive a man who was almost pushing fifty and had made such an unforgivable mistake.

"All of this was what Deacon brought onto himself. My original intention was to let Eevonne get over her fears and also let Deacon get an especially great order volume that could let his company thrive for a few years. However, looking at it now, Deacon isn't worthy of it," Sebastian said calmly.

Sabrina smiled. "Everything that my husband does, in the eyes of this fangirl, is always right."

Sebastian turned her head and looked at his wife dotingly. "Oh, since when have you become my fangirl?"

Sabrina tilted her head and rested it on Sebastian's shoulders. "I have always been your fangirl. You just didn't know it."

"Whether you're my fangirl, wife, or lover, in any case, both of us are officially in our middle ages. Now is the time for us to watch all the young people grow. If Eevonne could grow and Kingston could have a good wife to
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