Chapter 2732

Mila was dressed very beautifully that day. However, compared to the guests at the wedding, she still looked like a beggar. She did not have an invitation, so the person in charge of the hotel would never let Mila enter. Besides, anybody could tell that it was impossible that this glamorous yet tackily dressed woman in front of them was a guest at the wedding. Mila attempted to get closer to the red carpet a few times in hopes to see the wedding venue behind the entrance, but she was driven away by the hotel security every time.

At that moment, Mila took advantage of the window when the security went to guide a car in to sneakily look inside. In the end, she was found out by Marcus.

"What the hell are you doing?" Marcus originally was a person with a good temper, but at that moment, he was infuriated by Mila.

Mila smiled awkwardly at him. That expression was slightly thick-skinned and was also a little ignorant of the occasion. "Mar-I mean, Master Marcus. I…I didn't want to go in. I
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