Chapter 2733

"If she is dead, then I won't ever marry another woman again for the rest of my life! What am I telling you? How can I curse my wife to die? You're the person who should be dead!"

Marcus was truly exasperated. "Not only does a woman like you deserve to be dead, but you're even ugly beyond measure! You speak of my wife becoming ugly, but no matter how ugly my wife gets, she won't be as ugly as you. You're so extremely ugly! Don't you ever look into a mirror? Ugly woman! It's really true that ugly people would create more trouble! Fuck off!"

Upon shouting, Marcus waved at the security. "Security, come and throw this ugly woman out! If she gets near my wife's cousin's wedding venue again, send her straight to the police station!"

Mila was speechless. She subconsciously touched her cheeks. She looked at Marcus with both her eyes reddened and tears immediately streamed down her face. "I…do I look extremely ugly?"

Marcus immediately became soft-hearted. He was never a harsh and unkind pe
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