Chapter 2734

Everyone looked over as soon as they heard the voice and they saw two security guards walking toward them while grabbing a woman, whose hair was covered in grass, whose clothes were in a mess, and who was covered in mud all over.

Eevonne also came to the woman. "Mila…it's you?"

The security said angrily, "This woman crawled out from the bushes by the man-made river at the edge of the lawn. I'm guessing she already knew in advance that we're having a grand wedding here today, so she had been squatting there a long time ago. She certainly must be a repeat offender. Missus Yates, please first check all of your valuables. We'll take this repeat offender to the police station now."

"No, no, no, I'm not a repeat offender. I'm not a thief either," Mila explained while stammering incoherently. Her gaze was both humble and sincere.

She tried her best to break free from the security guards' hands while looking at Eevonne. "Missus Yates, you…you know that I'm not a thief. You've met me before
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