Chapter 2735

"As long as she was happy, even if she did not inherit the Ford Group, so what? In these few years without a person to take over, we can look for a good manager. It would be the same as well. In this world, capable people are supposed to be able to hold their respective positions. Whether it's our own people or someone from the outside, anybody would do as long as the person could make the Ford Group flourish."

Sebastian was rather unbothered with trifle matters.

"I got it, Master Sebastian. I will work harder in this aspect and slowly search for a candidate for you," Kingston said respectfully.

"Alright." Sebastian nodded. While both of them were speaking, the security guards at the other end had already left.

Mila, who was released, rubbed her hands and was at her wit's end. She kept apologizing to Eevonne. Upon apologizing, she looked straight at Yvonne's parents, Vincent and Helena. "Hi…hello."

"You're the one who is hell-bent on marrying my son-in-law, aren't you?" Vincent lo
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