Chapter 2740

"It's nothing. I'm fine. I'm not in pain. I'm fine." Mila said, smiling.

Marcus glared at Mila fiercely, and he bent over as he wanted to carry her up. However, just as he was about to touch her, he realized that he was not wearing anything. He immediately straightened his back and raised his hand angrily to pound on the door. "Jerk! Bastard! Marcus, you're a jerk, bastard, and a son of bitch!"

His hand was bleeding from pounding at the door.

"Don't. Don't harm yourself like that, Marcus. Don't harm yourself. You have to love yourself," Mila kept pleading to him while hugging his legs.

Seeing that he stopped pounding, she hurriedly said, "I…I go out and get your clothes for you. I'll go out."

She wanted to stand up, but she could not. She pulled the doorknob with all her might and it took her a long while before she opened the door. After that, she turned around and looked at Marcus with a smile. "Just…get on the bed. Hurry up and get onto the bed and cover yourself with the cover
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