Chapter 2742

The doctor figured out that it should be a situation similar to domestic violence.

The man was domineering, and he even hated the woman very much. However, the woman was eager to please me. She was debasing herself a little. She was already beaten up by the man, but she was still reluctant to leave him. Perhaps the woman was coveting the man's money. They both deserved it! The man deserved it to be involved with this woman who was so good at pestering him that he just could not shake her off. The woman also deserved to be beaten up!

Treating and saving lives was a doctor's duty. Other than treating and saving the patients, they could not care so much about other things. The doctors did not say anything. However, after they avoided Marcus and Mila's eyes, they also muttered and chattered about them in high spirits.

"Mila is a small actress. She's a little famous now, so she wants to live off the rich man and rocket herself to the top."

"What do you mean she's a little famous? Is she
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