Chapter 2743

He knew Marcus well. He knew that unless there were truly no alternatives anymore, Marcus would not have done this. Besides, even if Marcus really wanted to find himself a woman, he would not have found a woman who was not pretty and was an actress. If the Shaw family were to get the word out that Marcus wanted to get married again, he should be able to pick and choose who to marry in South City, should he not?

"I know. I know about everything. I just felt it was unfair to my daughter. Where is my daughter? Can I still see my daughter in this life?" Helena's tears kept streaming down her face and she was crying so heartbreakingly.

"Marcus! You son of a bitch!" Ruth, who was at the side, slammed on the table and immediately ran out.

"Ruth, where are you going?" Sabrina followed behind her.

"I'm going to break Marcus' legs!"

"He is your cousin!"

"He is also your cousin! Just keep protecting him then. You can just continue to protect him. I don't have such a cousin. If he's someone'
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