Chapter 2746

Mila smiled very sweetly. "Even if I were to be beaten to death by them, I would be willing as well."

Marcus was speechless.

Ruth was extremely pissed off. "I have always felt that I'm thick-skinned, I'm bitchy enough, and I don't have any limit at all. It's at this moment that I realized my horizon has finally been expanded. It's no wonder why people outside the industry have never had a good impression of the entertainment industry. They said it's very dirty, it has no limits, and so on. It turned out that a person can be so shameless and without a limit to this extent! Just for the sake of finding yourself a financial backer in your social circle, you can actually do just about anything like that? Mila, at the very least, you're a celebrity! Do you know you're licking someone's boot right now? The stench from your mouth can be smelled from miles away!"

Ruth was indeed a shrew! She was truly extremely harsh when she scolded others. However, Mila was indeed very shameless as well.
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Is Mila really Yvonne? No see after all baidages where off

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