Chapter 2818

All thirty people in the banquet hall were stunned. At that moment, they still have not made sense of what the hell has happened. How come a group of police came in once Yvonne left? Did they arrest the wrong people?

"No, officer, we're…friends of Master Marcus of the Shaw family in South City. We've saved his wife. Master Marcus even said he is going to give me two apartments as gifts. Did you…have the wrong place?" Bella boldly asked the police at that moment.

Nobody answered Bella. A few police officers came up and confiscated all of their phones. Not a single one was left behind.

Bella could not hold herself back anymore and said while trembling, "We're Marcus' friends. He is not an ordinary person in South City. If Marcus knew that you've arrested us, when the time comes…"

A police officer sneered. "The people we're arresting are all of you, the group of Marcus' friends!"

"Huh? Why?" Bella did not understand. Actually, she was not too familiar with the law. She just knew tha
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